About me

Animals always fascinated me!


Although I growed up without pets, I always was looking for contact with them.  So, as teenager, I started sitting dogs, while their owners were at work or on vacation. I learned how to handle different races with their specific characters.


At the age of 24, my wish for an own dog came through. My husband and I decided to buy a Border Collie.


I thought about this race quite a while and my husband knew and even worked with a Border Collie, which actively herded goats. I was totally fascinated by these great animals and collected many informations about them. However, I read some negative things about the race too. Things that can happen when Border Collies were under-worked, that they are no good family dogs, etc.


But it didn't prevent us from holding onto our dream. There was an advert about Chinook and his four littermates, when he was just a few days old. I instantly fell in love with him, but there was another male dog I had chosen, if Chinooks character hadn't fitted.


But the first time I visited him, I just knew, he would be the perfect dog for us. So Chinook moved to us and enriched our life since then.

The many negative things I read about Border Collies, didn't appear in our case.